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1) Eating, drinking or indulging in sexual relations forgetfully. This means that at the time of committing these acts, one does not remember the fast. However, if one continues even momentarily after recalling the fast, the Saum will be nullified.

(2) Applying eye-drops.

(3) Water entering the ears.

(4) Vomiting, no matter how much. This refers to vomiting which is not self-induced. For the rule regarding self-induced vomiting, (see above no. 10).

(5) Smoke, which is inhaled unintentionally, not by one's volition or conscious action.

(6) Applying surmah into the eyes.

(7) Smelling anything fragrant provided that there are no vapours.

(8) A food particle less than the size of a chana becoming unstuck from the teeth and slipping down the throat.

(9) Swallowing saliva and slime.

(10) Injection. The injection of medicine into the body will not break the fast provided that the medicine does not reach the brain or the stomach.

(11) Blood in the saliva will not break the fast if the blood is less than the saliva. This fact will be recognized if the taste of the blood is not discerned.

(12) Using a miswak to clean the teeth even if the miswak is fresh and has a taste.

(13) Breast-feeding the baby.

(14) If during wudhu water slips down the throat while one does not remember the saum, the fast will not break.

(15) Ejaculation of semen during sleep.

(16) Ejaculation caused by imagination.

(17) Janabat or the state of Hadath-e-Akbar which is purified by

ghusl. If one has not taken ghusI and Sahri time ends, the fast is valid.


Some things, while not breaking the fast, are nevertheless Makrooh to do during fasting. Makrooh means detestable and in this context Makrooh things are sinful. Makrooh things bring about a decrease in the thawab of the Saum. It is, therefore, essential to abstain from committing Makrooh acts. The following acts are Makrooh during fasting:

(1) Tasting. Tasting food, etc. is Makrooh if done unnecessarily. If an ill-tempered husband shows his unjustified wrath when food has not been prepared to satisfy his taste, it will be permissible for the wife to taste the food while she is preparing it. As long as nothing goes down her throat, her fast will be valid and her act of tasting will not be makrooh.

(2) Using powder or paste to clean the teeth, If anything of these substances slips down the throat, the Saum Is nullified.

(3) Caressing, fondling or kissing the wife. If ejaculation does not occur. the Saum will be valid.

(4) To rinse the mouth at times other than when making wudhu.

(5) To put water in the nose at times other than when making wudhu.

(6) To take ghusl merely for cooling.

(7) To swim.

(8) To unnecessarily apply ointment to the lips. If, however, due to pain caused by cracked lips, ointment is applied care should be taken to prevent licking the ointment.

(9) To unnecessarily chew something to soften it, for example.

(10) To eat when in doubt as regards the existence of Sahri time. If later it transpires that Sahri time had in fact expired, qadha will be obligatory.

(11) To make Iftar (i.e. to break the fast) when in doubt as to the time of sunset. If it transpires that the time when Iftar was made the sun had not yet set, qadha will be obligatory.

(12) Participating In un-Islamic activities such as watching television and playing games such as chess, draughts, monopoly, etc. The thawab of the Saum is destroyed by indulgence In such unlawful activities.

(13) Gheebat or back-biting.

(14) To gargle the mouth when making wudhu